Business Growth

We can help you expand your business in ways you might have not imagined before. Our Specialized staff takes the responsibility to seek, plan and organise the procedures in your organization, in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals that will expand your horizons and growth.

Centers of Excellence Creation

A group of people that promotes cooperation with exceptional results, using advanced techinques for the creation of Centers of Excellence.

We are willing and capable to expand your opportunitties and your potential. You will receive Certifications, Centers of Excellence and Best Prctice Awards, by following our guidelines according to the compliance with standards and principles that will offer you a huge increase in status and results.

Below and Above the Line promotional activities

There are different methods in promoting Associations and Organizations. Above the line promotional activities use tradional mass media.

Below the line promotional activities aim towards specific consumer groups. Zita’s specialized staff, knows when to use above the line or below the line promotional activities
in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

Customer Support Center Development

You will have to make sure that Customer Support Centers, Phone Support centers and any center that has a direct contact with the public, is well organised, it responds quickly and directly, it minimises delays to a minimum, it manages phonecalls properly and it always serves your customers with kindness and professionalism

At the same time, statistical sata, useful information and customer data, are being transfered to the administrators of Healthcare, but they are also beng handled according to the GDPR.

Strategies & Activities

In a few words SWOT analysis, short-term and long-term marketing strategy.

SWOT analysis is analyzing the external and the internal enviroment.Benefits, weaknesses, oppurtunities, threats. We take everything into considaration under the specific circumstances, competition, intenal human resources, medical equipment, investment opportunities and expansion potential. That’s how a marketing strategy is being created. We work on it and produce amazing results.

Evaluation of Administrative Staff

Undoubtedly, in the Health Industry, the most important asset is the human potential. The evaluation, constant education, understanding of the company’s goals and professional interface with their colleagues in other departmentsand  strategies are paramount to the final output of the enterprise.
Our experienced staff is able not only to assess the administrative staff, but also to help it understand the procedures to be followed, so that the result meets the expectations of the client, the goals of management and an excellent working environment.

Scientific Staff selection

Thanks to our international contacts, with more than 100,000 doctors of all medical specialties, ZITA can evaluate and utilize doctors with excellent skills and accreditations. Our data, contacts and relationships at international level give us a unique and absolute advantage.

Improvement of internal and external marketing strategies

One of our specializations is the organization of internal and external marketing processes and strategies, aiming at an efficient and dynamic short and long-term marketing strategy. The coordination and proper functioning of the marketing department is a very important part of a successful marketing strategy. Permanent tracking and evaluation hinder any deviation from marketing and sales goals in the Greek and international markets.

Public Relations and Mass Media

Public relations is inextricably linked to the reputation and good image of the business in the external environment.
In such a competitive field as the private health sector, reputation may be your biggest asset, the reason why you are distinguished between your competitors. Our effective public relations strategy helps to effectively manage reputation and build strong relationships with patients and their families as well as the press and social media. At the same time, it creates a safe net for Crisis Management.

Crisis Management

The way you are prepared for a crisis reflects the way you perceive your reputation.
It is almost certain that you know the threats that may arise in your organization whether they come from outside or from the internal environment. We help you to prepare for these threats. If you can recognize them, you can also manage them. At ZITA, we believe that immediate and strategic preparation guarantees the best possible result.

International Accreditation

Medical service providers worldwide, such as Caesar’s Wife, not only have to be excellent but also look the part. International Health Center Accreditations and Medical Service Providers not only give quality to procedures but also the necessary prestige for facilities and services. ZITA Medical Management’s role is to advise you on the procedures and choices more appropriate certification and quality certification solutions, on a case-by-case basis.