Healthy mind in a healthy body

Greece is known to have established bases for many sciences since ancient times, and especially for the science of medicine. In Asklipia and based on the Hippocratic philosophy of holistic treatment of the diseases of the body and the soul, the ancient Greek physiotherapists treated the patients, sometimes using alternative forms such as diet, exercise, music, psychotherapy, botanology and sometimes when it was necessary , invasive surgery.

An important role here is the area of ​​anti-freezing and wellness, with basic weapons of nutrition, thalassotherapy, outdoor activities (trekking, sailing, swimming, nature, tennis, etc.) and the unique climate of Greece.

Zita Medical Management plays a very important role both in the macro-economy of the industry (Participation as a founding member of the Hellenic Health Tourism Association) and in the microeconomy since it has important contacts with actors, gypsy scientists, large companies as well as individual high income level customers across the 5 continents of the planet.