Organisation & Association Management

ZITA Medical Management is a company owned by ZITA Group and operates in the field of providing specialized management services to scientific companies and groups, mainly from the health sector. Electronic communication, digital marketing, print and electronic publishing, sponsorship and secretarial support are some of the key services that our experienced executives guarantee in the Greek and international markets.


ZITA Group was established in 1982. It is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management procedures and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management practices.

The indisputable experience, over three decades, in providing specialized services to the management of medical companies and organizations, gives us today the right to take pride in the fact that Zita is one of the key Leaders in this field, both in Greece and internationally.



Zita has been staffed with very careful criteria to meet the short and long term goals of Medical Companies as demanding and ambitious as they may be. We know how to give extra value and efficiency to each medical company through targeted activities and communication at all levels, always in full cooperation with the organization’s governing bodies and respecting its principles and goals.

Organisation & Assosiation management services:

  • Marketing : The vehicle of success
    Marketing identifies unmet needs and goals. Since 1982, we have experience in implementing various marketing strategies that guarantee the best possible result. Our experienced staff is creative and skilled, with long professional experience on various topics.
  • Scientific Journals: Spread the Science, the Evolution, the Vision
    New developments and innovations, new advanced techniques in every scientific field are being promoted through your Scientific Magazine and the publications. These editions establish closer ties between company members and open up new horizons in the international scientific world. We follow all necessary steps to include your publication in international databases such as PubMed, Scopus, and more. Editing and graphic design are just some of the activities we undertake and implement.
  • Overcome Language Barriers: Translation Section
  • Specialized collaborators for the organization of scientific and cultural events:

    More than three decades of experience in the event industry have given Zita the reputation of being a leader in this field worldwide. With the organization of thousands of events around the world, we have developed excellent skills and have become flexible in any specialized demand and environment.
  • Websites & Digital Marketing
    Your website is the first impression on the market and it should be great! It’s the electronic reflection of your profile. We focus on creating, maintaining and constantly updating. Our experience in digital marketing and social media focuses on every detail to achieve sustainable results.