Hospital Management



Development of New Projects

Let us help you expand your Organization in ways you have never imagined before. Project Managers will undertake to search, plan, organize and motivate your resources, procedures and protocols in order to achieve short or long-term goals expanding the established Horizon.


Establishment of Centers of Excellence

“A team of people that promote collaboration with outstanding results, using specific techniques for achieving a Centre of Competence”

We are eager and capable of extending your opportunities and possibilities. Certifications, Centers of Excellence and Honors of Best Practices, will be attributed to you, by following our guidance regarding compliance with standards and principles that will offer your Organization a tremendous increase in Prestige and Results.


Below and Above the Line Promotion

There is a number of approaches to promotion that are open to organizations. Above-the-line promotions use mass media methods.

Below-the-line methods are targeting to memorable activities focused on specific groups of consumers. We, as experts know when to use ATL approach and when to use BTL approach method in order to succeed high effectiveness.


Customer Support Center Development

You need to make sure that Customer Service Centers, Call Centers and each type of Center that gets in touch directly with the public, is well organized, corresponding quickly and directly, reducing delays to minimum,  managing to distribute properly the phone calls and always serve the clients with kindness and professionalism.

On the same time, statistics, useful information and client data are forwarded to the Healthcare Administrators.


Strategies and Activities

“In other words SWOT Analysis and short-long term Marketing Plan”

SWOT Analysis means Analysis of the External and the Internal Environment. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. We always take into consideration the given circumstances, the external Competition, the internal human resources, the medical equipment, the opportunities for investments and the possibilities of expansion. So, a Marketing Plan arises; we work on it and produce immediate results that will surprise you.


Evaluation of Administrative Staff

What makes a great administrative assistant? Is it all about organizational skills, making coffee and typical letters, answering phones, or ordering lunch and office supplies? Of course not.

Administrative staff needs to serve as lifeblood for the Organization, providing a wide range of support to the Managerial Pyramid. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a charisma to deal with conflicts and negativity, great understanding of the Industry and handling of Politics and Confidentiality are just some of the characteristics Administrative Staff needs to have.


Evaluation & Selection of Medical Staff with International Qualifications

Thanks to our International contacts with more than 100.000 doctors of all medical specialties, ZITA can evaluate and employ medical doctors with excellent skills and accreditations. Our data, contacts and relationships internationally gives us a unique and absolute advantage.


Improvement of Internal & External Marketing Strategies

One of our outstanding expertise is, the organization of internal and external marketing procedures and strategies, targeting to an effective and dynamic short and long run Marketing Plan. Co-ordination and adjustment of the marketing department is another very important part of a successful commercial Plan. Permanent follow-up and reporting prevent any deviation from marketing and sales targets in the National and International market.

Public and Media Plans and Relationships

“Public Relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you”

It’s all about relationship building. In such a competitive section, like the Healthcare section, reputation can be your biggest asset- the reason why you distinguish among your competitors. Our effective PR can help manage reputation and building good relationships with patients and their families, the press, stakeholders and every other influenced market segment.


Management Crisis Procedures

“The way you are prepared for a Crisis, reflects the way you consider your reputation”

It’s almost certain that you know the threats that are possible to occur to your Organization, coming either from the external or the internal environment.  Let us help you get ready for the Threats. If you can name them, you can be
prepared to handle them. In ZITA we believe that an immediate and strategic reaction guarantees the best possible result. The whole process has to do with speed and priority.


Educational Programs & Activities

Continuing education is a key concept of professional development & career improvement. As we have been building our expertise in the area of education and publication for several years, we are privileged to be acknowledged as specialists in organizing educational programs and activities in several fields.


Congress & Events

For more than 32 years, our “sister” company ZITA Congress & Travel provides a very wide range of specialized services and logistics to thousands congresses and educational events worldwide. Note, that ZITA Congress & Travel has close and productive relationship with ZITA Medical Management and their collaboration can guarantee very successful organizations in the field of Congresses, Exhibitions, Scientific and Cultural Events.


International Accreditations

Providers of Medical Services worldwide like “Caesar’s Wife” not only must be perfect but to be shown as such. International Accreditations for Health Centers and Medical Services Providers not only give quality in procedures, but also the necessary prestige to Premises and Services.
The role of ZITA Medical Management is to advise on the choice of the most appropriate Accreditation and Quality Certification Solution, for each case individually.


Web & Social Media Development and Administration

We are fully knowledgeable on the tools, techniques and philosophies of Social Media. We discuss with you and develop a web & social media plan according to the strategic targets. Our Marketing and IT department collaborate to bring the desirable results from the development of digital media. We exploit the dynamic of digital media and we create ways to interact with people.